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Keithley Metrabus Interface
Modell: Metrabus
Datum: 1994
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Interface
                                    The MetraBus system provides a low-cost means of connecting
real-world I/O devices to a computer. The system is
available in two configurations: (1) tightly coupled to an
IBM PC bus system or (2) remotely operated through
RS-232/422 serial communications from any computer.

Under the supervision of a PC, MetraBus digital, analog, and
counter-timer measurement, and control interfaces can
control cost-effective industrial I/O systems. Each MetraBus
system can measure and control hundreds of analog, digital,
and counter/timer I/O points. Several MetraBus systems can
simultaneously control thousand of I/O points.

MetraBus fills the gap between I/O plug-in boards and
dedicated industrial controllers. Plugin boards and a
personal computer are finding applications in process
measurement and control applications and product test
stations. However, the large number of data I/O points
required, the proximity of the sensors to the control room
combined with a finite number of expansion slots available
in a personal computer often require versatile systems that
are flexible, provide for enhanced expansion capability and
are inexpensive. The MetraBus family of industrial data
acquisition products retains the dose link of the personal
computer to a data acquisition system while offering extreme
flexibility at a price that rivals many plug-in I/O boards.

Key MetraBus features include:

•	Low cost I/O

•	Ease of programming

•	Simple packaging and interconnection

•	Reliability

•	100% personal computer compatible

•	Local, high speed interfaces

•	Remote capability, up to 1.2 km from computer

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