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Keithley 619 Digital Multimeter
Modell: 619
Datum: 1981
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Digital Multimeter
Beschreibung: Electrometer/Multimeter
                                    The Keithley Model 619 is a fully programmable,
microprocessor based Electrometer/Multimeter. Its broad
measurement range is from 2nA, with 100fA {1013A) resolution
on the most sensitive range, to 2A. The Model 619 ohms
measurement range is from 2k {0.10 resolution) to 2T. The
volts measurement range is from 200mV (1/A/ resolution to
200V. The Model 619 is capable of 0.0005% resolution. It can
be interfaced to any programmable measurement system
utilizing the IEEE-488 Interface bus. (See Figures 2-1 and
2-2 for front and rear panel detail.)


The Model 619 includes the following features:

•	Resolution of 41A or 5V4 is standard with the Model 619.
Resolution of 3'/2 is available only when programmed through
the IEEE-488 bus.

•	The IEEE-488 Interface option (Model 6193) enables the
Model 619 to be incorporated into a measurement system that
utilizes programmed control through the IEEE-488 bus.

•	The modular construction concept allows for future
developement of a line of interfaceable products.

•	Whenever two Model 6194 Electrometer Modules are
installed, there are two seperate input channels. Channels A
and B measure separately through the READ command and they
are separately switched into the A/D Converter. Channel B is
an option.

•	Ratio A/B takes a ratio of the two channels, always
dividing A by B.

•	Difference A-B subtracts the electrometer value of Channel
B from Channel A.

•	A beeper sounds whenever a front panel push-button switch
command is given. The beeper is enabled by Switch 1 on the
Isolator Board.

•	The Model 6191 Guarded Adapter, in the guarded switch
position, reduces the effect of additional input cable
capacitance (see paragraph 2.2).

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