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KLM electronics KT34XA Antenne
KLM electronics
Modell: KT34XA
Datum: 1985
Kategorie: Funk und Kommunikation
Gruppe: Antenne
                                    The KT-34XA is the latest in KLM's new series of tribanders.
Innovative in concept, practical in design, the KT-34XA
outperforms all commercially available trjbanders and many
monoband systems, too.
The world famous, performance proven KT-34 is 'the heart of
the "X". But, by doubling the boom length, adding one
optimumly placed full size 10 meter element, and one more
tri-resonant element,' gain jumps by 4 dB on 10 meters and
2-2.5 dB on 20 and 15.	'
Gain is virtually flat across 20*and 15 meters. On 10
meters, the "X" is optimized for the DX'er, 28 to 29 MHz.
While achieving performance "equal to, or exceeding, a
stacked monoband array, the/modest size of the KT-34XA means
smaller tower and rotator requirements and a lower overall
Power handling capability is excellent and effeciency is high.
Normal operation over the rated bandwidths require no
adjustments other than assembly to the original instruction

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