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Johnson Vikink Thunderbolt Verstärker
Modell: Vikink Thunderbolt
Datum: 1957
Kategorie: Funk und Kommunikation
Gruppe: Verstärker
                                    Introducing the Viking "Thunderbolt" — the hottest linear
amplifier on the market today! Here's solid communication
power — 2,000 watts P.E.P,* input; 1,000 watts CW; 750 watts
AM linear; in a completely self-contained desk-top package.
The ''Thunderbolt'' may be driven by the Viking
''Navigator/' "Ranger/' "Pacemaker" or other unit of
comparable output, Continuous coverage 3.5 to 30 megacycles
(bandswitched. — wide range pl-network output circuit. The
"Thunderbolt" has been engineered to provide maximum
"talk-power" to ^mash through QRM — delivers a dominant
signal on all amateur bands. Completely self-contained with
internal blocking bias, voltage regulated screen and bias
supplies, and plate power supply.

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Johnson -- Vikink Thunderbolt -- Service- und Bedienungsanleitung
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