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Systron Donner 1626B Synthesizer
Systron Donner
Modell: 1626B
Datum: 1982
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Synthesizer
Beschreibung: Microwave Synthesizer
                                    The Model 1626 Microwave Synthesizer is a portable,
self-contained, 0.1 to 26.0 GHz synthesized signal source
with full generator capabilities. The microwave output may
be swept, leveled, attenuated, modulated, and phase locked
to an internal or external 1 MHz reference. Both the
frequency and power level of the output signal are
continuously displayed on a built-in digital frequency meter
and digital power meter. All controls, inputs, outputs and
displays, with the exception of the power cord, line fuses,
remote programming connector, address switches and pen lift,
are accessed from the front panel.

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1-2. This instruction manual contains information relating
to installation, operation, maintenance, and calibration of
the Systron Donner Model 1626 Microwave Synthesizer. Figure
1-1 shows the Model 1626 and the supplied accessories.

1-3. The information contained in this instruction manual is
divided into front matter and seven descriptive chapters
indicated in the following format:

Front Matter: includes the title page, proprietary rights
statement, list of effective pages, record of changes, table
of contents, list of figures, list of tables, and safety
practices information.

Chapter 1 - General Information: contains a general
description of Model 1626 including specifications,
accessories supplied, and safety practices.

Chapter 2 - Installation: describes unpacking and
inspection, installation criteria, initial turnon/confidence
checks, IEEE Std 488 GPIB system interconnection, and
preparation for reshipment.

Chapter 3 - Operation: provides descriptions of front-and
rear-panel controls, indicators, and connectors located on
Model 1626. It also includes instrument operating
procedures, supplemented by IEEE Std 488 GPIB programming

Chapter 4 - Principles of Operation: contains a detailed
functional/circuit description of Model 1626 which will
assist technical personnel in the performance of
troubleshooting and/or calibration procedures.

Chapter 5 - Maintenance: describes the steps required for
routine maintenance, inspection, alignment, and performance

Chapter 6 - Replaceable Parts: are listed in this chapter
along with parts ordering information, and a manufacturer's
code-to-name index.

Chapter 7 - Drawings: provides technical personnel with
requisite schematic and component locator diagrams for
maintenance and troubleshooting of Model 1626.

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