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Solartron 7061 Digital Multimeter
Modell: 7061
Datum: 1986
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Digital Multimeter
Beschreibung: Systems Voltmeter
                                    The 7061 combines high speed digital electronics with
microprocessor control to provide a fast, accurate systems
voltmeter. With channel scanning, timer control and
measurement processing, the 7061 is ideally suited to
automated test requirements using the built-in IEEE 488
interface (GPIB) to give remote control.

The 7061 is equally at home as a bench instrument, with
scanning, timing and processing facilities all controllable
from the front panel. And, of course, straightforward
voltage, current and resistance measurements are easily made
with great reliability and accuracy.

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Solartron -- 7061 -- Service- und Bedienungsanleitung
Dateiname: Solartron-5315-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Dokumenttyp: Service- und Bedienungsanleitung
Seitenanzahl: 146
Dateigröße: 4.58 Mbytes (4800758 Bytes)
Sprache: Englisch
Revision: C
Dokument-ID/Nummer: 70610012
Datum: November 1986
Qualität: Gescanntes Dokument, alles ist lesbar.
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MD5: 87315b7fa2c83bea46418a527596454f
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General Information

1	Introduction

2	Accessories

3	The Configuration Switch

4	Options

5	Safety

6	Connecting the ac mains
Getting Started Front Panel Controls

1	Introduction

2	Front/rear switching

3	Measurement keys

4	Range keys

5	Filter key

6	Null key

7	Ratio key

8	Channel key

9	Digits key

10	Track and trigger keys

11	General operating keys

12	Interface keys

13	Reset + enter & Menu + reset keys

14	Timer key

15	Scan key

16	Delay key

17	Probe key

18	Progs key

19	History key

Connections & Measurements

1	General

2	Voltage

3	Current

4	Resistance

5	Drift correction

Remote Control	5.1

Introduction	5.3

Remote commands and program names	5.4

Interface command language	5.6

Command set—verbose	5.6

Command set--cryptic	5.37

Programs	5.40

Error messages	5.45

Using the 7061 from the GPIB	5.46

GPIB functions	5.54
Interference - some causes and cures 6.1
Introduction	6.2

Series mode interference	6.3

Remedial action	6.3

Specification	7.1

Calibration	8.1
Adopted settings on power-up & reset
Measurement delay & integration times
Overload indication; display & output formats
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