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BASEDEV Statements

The Base Device Drivers are needed by OS/2 to install elementary services, like your hard disk, keyboard, etc. The Base Device Drivers are the first entries from the config.sys file that are loaded during the boot. They are not loaded in the same order as they appear in the config.sys file. They are loaded dependant on their file extension.
Here is the order of loading for the file extensions.

  • *.SYS

  • *.BID

  • *.VSD

  • *.TSD

  • *.ADD

  • *.I13

  • *.FLT

  • *.DMD

    If the config.sys contains several files with the same extension, those files will be loaded in the order they appear in the config.sys file.

The Base Device drivers must be located in the root directory in the \OS2 directory or in the \OS2\Boot directory. If you set up a Base Device driver in your config.sys please use only the name of the driver without the path. The following pages describe these entries : :p.

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