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This filter driver makes a FAT32 partition visible to OS/2. It can also be used to make instead the ext2flt.flt driver to make an ext2 Partition visible to OS/2.

BASEDEV=Partfilt.flt parameters


  • /Q

    Disable the messages shown at boot up.

  • /V

    Displays some diagnostic information during the boot.

  • /W

    This allows write access to the FAT32 partitions.

  • /A

    Virtualize all found partitions. If you use this option, you must also specify the /M option, otherwise OS/2 may crash. The only good reason to use this option is along with the /M option to control the mounting order of all partitions.

  • /M mount-order

    Mounts the partitions in the order specified in the mount-order. The mount-order is a list of numbers separated by commas. To find out which number a partition has, use the program Diskinfo. Type in the partition numbers in the order you like. If you want to hide a partition than you must simply remove the partition number from the mount-order.

  • /P partition types

    This option setsa the partition types which should be virtualized. Please do not use any partion types already supported by OS/2!. Here are the partition types:

    • 01 FAT12 (supported by OS/2)

    • 02 XENIX_1

    • 03 XENIX_2

    • 04 FAT16 (supported by OS/2)

    • 05 EXTENDED

    • 06 HUGE (supported by OS/2)

    • 07 IFS (supported by OS/2)


    • 0B FAT32

    • 0C FAT32_XINT13 or FAT32X

    • 0E XINT13


    • 41 PREP

    • 63 UNIX

    • 83 LINUX

    To make Partfilt.flt virtualize a FAT32 partition you should use /P 0B.
    To make Partfilt.flt virtualize a FAT32 and a Linux partition you should use /P 0B,83.

Platform Support:
OS/2 2.x OS/2 3.0 OS/2 4.0
Yes Yes Yes

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